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Lucivity Fitness

Lucid Dreaming X Fitness

Unlock peak performance by training in your own lucid dreams.

Hi, I'm Matt Humphreys

I help athletes and fitness enthusiasts to elevate their physical performance while they sleep and dream at night.

But how’s that even possible?

They learn to do it in their lucid dreams – the act of becoming aware that they are dreaming, while they are still dreaming.

It’s a perfect blend of sports visualisation and lucid dream techniques – boosting real-life fitness by strengthening and enhancing neural pathways in the brain.

I call this Lucivity Fitness.

It’s safe and it’s empowering. Lucivity Fitness has completely changed my approach and mindset to physical training – and it can with you too.

How You Can Do It

Lucivity Fitness is a self-guided course that teaches you to become aware that you’re dreaming while still in the dream state.

The goal is to practice and improve skills, form, drills, and physical activities within a lucid dream. This approach also helps you break through plateaus and mental barriers, enabling you to reach your full fitness potential.

For Pro Athletes

Elevate The Game Beyond Limits

Athletes use Lucivity Fitness to unlock 1% over their competition. They dive deep into refining techniques, craft winning strategies and build an unbeatable mental toughness – all within their subconscious dreaming mind.

You can do it too. It’s about taking your athletic performance to the next level.

For Gym Goers

Transform Your Fitness Routine

Fitness enthusiasts are amplifying their workouts through the power of lucid dreaming. They’re breaking through stubborn plateaus and visualising their strength and stamina – literally turning their fitness dreams into a reality.

You can do it too. It’s about pushing your limits mentally to see tangible results.

For Injury Recovery

Harness Mindful Healing

If you’re out of action for a prolonged time, the mental anguish can be just as traumatic as the injury itself. People use Lucivity Fitness to maintain muscle memory, promote positivity and stay mentally active.

You can do it too. It’s about keeping your head in the game while your body heals.



Module 1: Standing at The Start Line


Module 2: On The Starting Blocks


Module 3: Putting on Your Game Face


Module 4: Going The Distance


Module 5: Crossing The Finish Line