How It's Done

The Lucivity Fitness Course

Explore the course that links the practice of physical activity in lucid dreams, to enhanced and improved training sessions when awake.

Stage 1

Warming Up

Module 1: Standing at The Start Line

Welcome To Lucivity Fitness

Discover the Lucivity Fitness course, designed to revolutionise your fitness journey. This introductory lesson guides you through the unique combination of lucid dreaming for fitness and practical physical exercise.

Learn what tools and resources you need and how to effectively navigate through the online course, setting the stage for a transformative experience.


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Game Plan: Why Lucid Dreaming?

Dive into the benefits of lucid dreaming and its transformative impact on fitness. Lucid dreaming offers a unique approach to training, allowing for improvement of physical abilities in a dream state. 

Understand how harnessing this technique can amplify your mind-body connection in fitness, enhancing physical performance, mental resilience and creativity.

The History of Dreaming

Take a journey through our understanding of what it means to dream by exploring its significance across cultures and scientific fields. This lesson links ancient practices to modern neuroscience, laying a foundational understanding for the Lucivity Fitness course. 

Discover the historical context of dreaming and its relevance to contemporary fitness methodologies.

Sleep Cycles for Performance

Learn about the critical role of sleep cycles, including REM sleep stages where lucid dreaming takes place. This lesson focuses on understanding the stages of sleep and how they can impact your dreams and physical recovery. 

Grasp how to leverage these cycles to boost your fitness performance later in the Lucivity Fitness course.

Sleep Hygiene 101

Optimising sleep hygiene is vital for effective lucid dreaming – even more so if you want to use lucid dreams for enhancing fitness performance. Gain practical tips to improve your sleep environment and routines, creating optimal conditions for quality sleep and effective lucid dreams. 

This lesson is integral for setting the right stage for wanting to practise fitness training and physical exercise in lucid dreams.

Module 2: On The Starting Blocks

Dream Journaling – Your Training Log

Discover the importance of maintaining a dream journal as a foundational aspect of Lucivity Fitness. This lesson offers practical advice on how to record your dreams, a crucial step in mastering lucid dreaming – even more so for fitness within lucid dreams. 

Learn how to identify patterns and triggers in your dreams, enhancing your ability to become lucid and apply these insights to your fitness goals.

Lucidity’s Neurology

Dive deep into the neuroscience behind achieving lucidity in dreams. This lesson explores the brain’s mechanisms that enable lucid dreaming. It also shines a light on the incredible research by lucid dream expert and teacher Charlie Morley on the positive effects lucid dreaming has on people experiencing complex PTSD. 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the neurological foundations essential for effective Lucivity Fitness training.

Mastering Mindfulness

Learn how to cultivate mindfulness, a key component of both lucid dreaming and Lucivity Fitness. This lesson focuses on developing a heightened sense of awareness, both in your waking life and during dreams.

By mastering mindfulness, you will enhance your ability to recognise when you are dreaming, thereby boosting your mind-body connection in fitness.

Warming Up Summary

Reflect on the knowledge and skills acquired in this stage. This summary consolidates the core concepts of lucid dreaming and prepares you for the upcoming stages. Understand the importance of these foundational steps and how they lay the groundwork for advancing in the Lucivity Fitness course.

Stage 2

Lucid Activity

Module 3: Putting on Your Game Face


Embark on an exciting journey into the world of lucid dreaming. This introductory lesson sets the stage for lucid dreaming techniques for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Gain an overview of the techniques and practices you’ll be exploring, each designed to enhance your lucid dreaming for fitness journey, forming a crucial part of the Lucivity Fitness course.

Dream Pattern Playbook

Learn to analyse and utilise the patterns in your dreams with targeted techniques. This lesson focuses on recognising and harnessing recurring themes and symbols in your dreams.

By mastering this skill, you will enhance your ability to induce lucid dreams for fitness, as well as exploration and fun!

Reality Check Fundamentals

Establish the habit of performing reality checks, a vital technique in achieving lucidity in dreams. This lesson provides practical methods for distinguishing the dream world from reality – and introduces an optimised technique specific to those who want to practise physical fitness within a lucid dream. 

These techniques are not just essential for achieving lucidity but also for maintaining a strong mind-body connection for Lucivity Fitness.

Blended Lucid Dream Techniques

Explore a tried and tested blend of techniques to induce lucid dreams effectively for beginners. This lesson combines methods, providing a holistic approach to achieving lucidity.

The skills learned here are key to successfully performing physical exercise in lucid dreams, allowing you to eventually maximise the fitness potential of your dream state.

Overcome Lucid Dream Barriers

Learn strategies to overcome common obstacles that can hinder achieving and maintaining lucidity in dreams. This lesson addresses challenges like dream instability and premature awakenings, providing you with ways to stabilise your dream experiences. 

Overcoming these barriers are crucial for effective lucid dreaming – even more so anyone looking to enhance their fitness through dream training.

Module 4: Going The Distance

Lucid Dream Challenges

Embark on a series of engaging and challenging tasks designed to push the boundaries of your lucid dream capabilities.

These lucid dream challenges are tailored to test and enhance your skills in influencing and utilising your dream environment – ready for implementing physical exercise in your lucid dreams.

Lucivity Fitness Dream Planning

Learn the art of crafting a detailed and effective plan to enhance your physical fitness through lucid dreams. This lesson guides you through the process of setting realistic and achievable fitness goals within the dream world. 

You’ll discover how to structure your dream plan to focus on specific physical exercises, leveraging the concept of neuroplasticity in fitness training to make significant gains in your waking life.

Implementing Lucivity Fitness

Transition from planning to action in this crucial lesson. Learn the practical steps to execute your dream-based fitness plan within a lucid dream, in turn, translating them into improved athletic output. 

This lesson emphasises the importance of consistency and adaptation in implementing your Lucivity Fitness plan, ensuring that each lucid dream is a step towards achieving your ultimate fitness goals.

Lucid Activity Summary

Reflect on the skills and knowledge you’ve gained in this stage of the Lucivity Fitness course. This summary consolidates the key techniques and strategies you’ve learned for enhancing your fitness through lucid dreaming. 

Prepare for the next steps in your journey, equipped with a deeper understanding of how physical exercise in lucid dreams can significantly impact your fitness and athletic performance.

Stage 3

Cooling Down

Module 5: Crossing The Finish Line


Start the exciting process of transforming your lucid dreaming for fitness experiences into tangible reality. This introductory lesson sets the stage for the final module, where the focus shifts from dreaming to real-life application.

Learn how the skills developed through Lucivity Fitness can have a profound impact on your physical and mental wellbeing, blending the dream world with your fitness routine.

Lucid Gains – Reality Integration

Discover effective techniques to integrate the fitness advancements made in your lucid dreams into your waking life. This lesson teaches how to apply the principles and skills of Lucivity Fitness to enhance your real-world fitness. 

Explore methods to seamlessly transition the strength, endurance and flexibility developed in the dream state into tangible improvements in your physical training and athletic performance.

Advanced Lucid Dream Techniques

For experienced lucid dreamers, this lesson delves into another blend of lucid dreaming techniques. Elevate your lucid dreaming with advanced strategies that offer you a greater influence and creativity within your lucid dream.

This lesson is designed to further amplify your ability to utilise dreaming as a tool for physical exercise in lucid dreams and overall fitness enhancement.

The Lifetime Rewards

Uncover the long-term benefits and new horizons that lucid dreaming offers. This lesson highlights the lasting impact of incorporating lucid dreaming, not just for fitness, but into your lifestyle. 

Learn about the enduring advantages of maintaining a mind-body connection, including enhanced mental clarity, creativity and overall wellbeing.

Post-Game Analysis

Reflect on your journey through the Lucivity Fitness course with this summary. Review the key concepts and skills you’ve acquired and learn strategies to maintain and further develop your lucid dreaming abilities. 

This final lesson ensures that you are well-equipped to continue leveraging your newfound skills in lucid dreaming for ongoing fitness and personal development.


Module 1: Standing at The Start Line


Module 2: On The Starting Blocks


Module 3: Putting on Your Game Face


Module 4: Going The Distance


Module 5: Crossing The Finish Line