Can Dreaming Boost Your Athletic Performance?

Lucid Dreaming + Fitness

Recent insights suggest that engaging in lucid dreaming, where you consciously influence your actions while asleep, can significantly enhance your physical training and fitness – preparing your mind and body for action. 

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Lucid dreaming is a unique state of sleep where you’re aware of your dreams and can influence your actions.

This post explores how lucid dreaming and fitness has been linked to improved physical readiness.

Ongoing research indicates that our sleep state can be harnessed to enhance and elevate sports and training performances.

At the forefront of this research is Heidelberg University in Germany. Seasoned scientists say that athletic ability can be enhanced through the practice of lucid dreaming, effectively tricking the brain into believing it’s undergoing real physical training.

This process is called neuroplasticity – the scientific term for forming and strengthening neural pathways in your brain. These boosted pathways are associated with completing tasks and performing activities. 

Dream it, then do it

Charlie Morley, an expert on lucid dreams who runs workshops around the world says:

“Studies have shown that if you spend your lucid dream running, the neural pathways in your brain that are engaged when you run are strengthened, not just visualised or imagined… So, when you wake up in the morning, you will find running easier.”

How To Start Lucid Dreaming & Fitness Training

Interestingly, lucid dreaming doesn’t require the creation of a detailed training environment. There’s no need to dream about arriving at a gym or dressing in your preferred workout gear.

In the realm of your lucid dreams, you can spontaneously start running. You can decide to start stretching, or even engage in any physical activity of your choice.

While doing this, you’ll be fully aware that these dream exercises will have tangible benefits on your physical skills the next time you do them for real.

This is explored in detail on the Lucivity Fitness course – a program designed to help you induce lucid dreams to enhance and elevate your true fitness potential.

Sci-Fi or Reality?

Lucid dreaming’s potential in advancing sports performance is being seriously considered by the scientific community.

Pioneering research in the 1980s by Paul Tholey, a German psychologist, first uncovered a connection between lucid dreaming and enhanced athletic performance.

Moving to present day, recent studies from Heidelberg University lend further support to this idea, highlighting the significant impact of dreamt sports activities on real-life performance.

For the Sceptics

For anyone wondering and still sceptical about the practical applications in training and achieving fitness goals, the research from Heidelberg University presents compelling evidence.

Athletes have reported marked improvements in their fields, overcoming longstanding challenges.

Some have used lucid dreaming to battle fatigue, aiding in longer, faster runs. Additionally, participants have seen improvements in executing complex movements.

For instance, a ballet dancer in the study, after repeatedly practicing intricate ballet steps and combinations in her dreams, successfully translated these moves into her waking performances. She also reported a near-physical sensation of performing these movements while in the dream state.

Learning to lucid dream is a skill that can be developed with patience and dedication.

Why not try to cultivate it? It might just be the breakthrough you need in your fitness journey.



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