The Mission + The Vision

Learn more about Lucivity Fitness – the lucid dream practice of transforming your own physical fitness while you sleep.

About The Mission

Empowering Minds and Bodies

My mission with Lucivity Fitness is to bridge the gap between your conscious and subconscious mind, offering a path to enhanced physical fitness and mental resilience. 

I aim to empower individuals from any background to overcome mental barriers and unlock their true fitness potential, transforming their approach to health and wellness.

Lucivity Fitness is crafting the future of holistic health by connecting mind, body and spirit into one transformative journey.

About The Vision

Envisioning a Fitter, Stronger You

With Lucivity Fitness, I envision a world where fitness transcends physical boundaries, where the power of the mind plays an integral role in achieving personal health and fitness goals.

My vision is to create a community where individuals can explore the depths of their subconscious mind, harnessing its power to manifest real-world strength, endurance and wellbeing.

Lucivity Fitness is about redefining fitness as a harmonious blend of mental empowerment and physical achievement, fostering a community where every individual can unlock their fullest potential.



Module 1: Standing at The Start Line


Module 2: On The Starting Blocks


Module 3: Putting on Your Game Face


Module 4: Going The Distance


Module 5: Crossing The Finish Line