Practice In Action

"Biceps In The Garden Shed"

A genuine account of Lucivity Fitness being used to enhance fitness and performance within a lucid dream.

Initial Dream

I struggle to remember exactly how the dream started, but at some point I ended up in the living room of my childhood home.

The wallpaper and furniture was totally different to how I remember it. Things were placed in different places, and the more time I spent in the living room, the more I noticed it didn’t resemble anything I remember.

I began to experience an overwhelming feeling that I shouldn’t be here anymore – as if I was in the house uninvited…

This feeling was enough to trigger the thought, “Hmm… I think I must be in a dream right now.”

Entires to my dream journal clearly show that my childhood home is a frequent location for my dreams to start, or eventually end up.

Knowing this information is invaluable when wanting to achieve lucidity in my dreams.

Transition to Lucid Dream

The moment I thought, “Hmm… I think I must be in a dream.” I did what I needed to do to stabilise the dream, achieve lucidity and begin to influence its narrative.

Initially, I performed my reality check. I then did it again to confirm. The reality checks failed – which is a good thing, and a sign that this is indeed a dream right now.

To help stabilise my dream, I recited a clear intention that I had previously planned for the next time I experienced a lucid dream. This was designed to grab the attention of my subconscious mind. 

“I want to practice and enhance bicep curling exercises in my lucid dream. Please help me achieve this”.

I combined this with an optimised positive reinforcement technique that I explore and share in the second stage of the Lucivity Fitness course.

Not only does this combination of techniques help to fully stabilise and prolong my lucid dreams – it builds a much stronger bridge between my conscious and subconscious mind.

Lucid Dream + Lucivity Fitness

Once stable, I opened the living room door and left the room – and then walked through the entire lower floor of the house towards the back door.

I opened the door, stepped out onto the patio of the back garden, and admired the view across the farming fields.

I knew, from memory, that there was big shed at the bottom of the garden behind the trees.

I walked down the garden and said a new intention out loud, “When I open the shed door, I would like to see a rack of dumbbells and weights that I can use to practice Lucivity Fitness please”.

I opened the shed door and stepped inside – but the environment had changed to something I never expected.

Once inside the shed, I found myself in an enormous room with white walls, a white ceiling and a white floor. Against the wall was a long rack of black dumbbells with big colourful numbers on them. They really stood out against the lack of colour in the room.

To ground myself, I used specifically designed stabilisation techniques to get myself ready to practice physical activity. Again, this is explored and shared during the second stage of the Lucivity Fitness course.

I grabbed two dumbbells and began to curl them with a smooth motion. I set another new intention to add expected resistance to the weight and movement. I could actually feel the expected burn.

While doing this, I began to recite out loud the affirmation that I had previously planned, several times during the exercise. 

“My biceps curl with strength and determination.”

As I continued to do this, I thought deeply about my intention, the affirmation, the form and the motion of the curling.

Eventually the dream began to fade, and I gently woke up.

From Dream, To Reality

To transition the experience from a lucid dream to the next time I stepped into the gym, I used the techniques that are explored and shared during the final stage of the Lucivity Fitness Course.

I recalled the lucid dream, repeated the same affirmation and channelled my subconscious mind into the real life workout.

When I next trained my arms, specially biceps, I had a tremendous increase in motivation, enhanced muscle memory, and the determination to lift heavier.

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