Can you workout in a lucid dream to build muscle?

Yes, You Can

This intriguing question, that I answered on Quora, captures the imagination of fitness enthusiasts and dream explorers alike. Would working out in a lucid dream build muscle?

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In this article, we delve deep into the fascinating interplay between lucid dreaming and physical fitness. We’ll explore the potential of subconscious lucid dream training to enhance your workout and fitness journey.

Lucid Dreaming: A Window to Subconscious Training

The concept of lucid dreaming, where one becomes aware and can exert an influence over their dreams, opens up a unique avenue for fitness training and workout routines.

Contrary to common belief, engaging in workout routines and fitness in a lucid dreams can significantly impact your muscle-building efforts. But only so long as you transfer the experience from the lucid dream to reality.

But how does this work?

Activating the Brain's Potential in Sleep

While asleep during the REM sleep stages of your sleep cycles, the prefrontal cortex area of the brain responsible for consciousness usually lies dormant.

However, lucid dreaming involves activating this brain area within the dream’s subconscious setting.

This activation is a crucial step in utilising dreams for physical training.

Neuroplasticity: The Science Behind Dream Training

The science of neuroplasticity, which involves the brain’s ability to form, strengthen and reorganise neural connections – especially in response to learning or experience – plays a pivotal role here.

When you engage in physical exercises in a lucid dream, you are essentially strengthening the neural pathways related to those workouts and exercises. This is in exactly the same way as you would when awake.

Build Muscle From The Dream

Now to be clear, you won’t wake up with rippling muscles, looking like Dwayne Johnson flexing in the bathroom mirror…

You still need to put in a lot of hard work at the gym.

But the neural reinforcement of exercise movements from your lucid dreams can significantly impact your real-life workouts.

If you’ve ever asked the questions, “Can you workout in a lucid dream to build muscle?” or “Can I exercise in a lucid dream and see real results?”, the answer is yes – in a roundabout way.

By rehearsing and engaging in physical fitness in your lucid dreams, you’re priming your brain for better performance in exercises such as deeper squats, heavier bench pressing or more efficient running – leading to improved muscle growth when you couple your lucid dreaming experiences with actual physical workouts.

Evidence from Research

This concept isn’t just theoretical. In a study involving 27 soldiers, Prof. Daniel Erlacher and Dr. Michael Schred demonstrated the remarkable fitness enhancements achievable through lucid dreaming.

Their results provide compelling evidence for the practical application of this technique in physical training.

Implementing Lucid Dreaming in Your Routine

Integrating lucid dreaming into your fitness routines can be a game-changer.

By setting clear intentions before sleep and practising specific exercises in your dream state, you can significantly enhance your muscle-building potential.

Courses like Lucivity Fitness offer comprehensive guidance on harnessing the power of lucid dreams for physical training.


“Would working out in my lucid dream build muscle?”

The answer, backed by science and research, is a resounding yes – with the caveat that it complements, rather than replaces, physical workouts.

Exercising in lucid dreams is very similar to traditional visualisation techniques that have been used for decades by athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The difference here though, is by practicing physical fitness in a lucid dream, you’ll be engaging with the visualisation in a much more immersive environment that your brain will benefit from. 

By mastering lucid dreaming techniques, you can unlock an extraordinary tool to enhance your fitness journey, strengthening not just your muscles but also your mind’s ability to contribute to your physical goals.

Embark on this unique journey today and transform your fitness routine in ways you never imagined.



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